But first , ME

A place to spend time for oneself, just for oneself and not for anybody else
Carve out a little solitude and be kind and generous to yourself,
In a place that makes you think of yourself first.
A cozy space where you can sense and enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons.
Escape the whirlwind of everyday life and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious bath time experience.…
We believe there are as many lifestyles and ways to spend time, we welcome you with the personalized service that meet your needs.
Please enjoy time as much as you can
And get off a fresh start.


10 color themes selected from the old Japanese 24 seasons of the SEKKI Calendar.

When the snow turns into rain, when the moss starts to relax, when the plants begin to dwell,
Feel the changing seasons sensitively and enjoy each beauty ...
Such Japanese spirit is put in 10 colors chosen from 24 seasons and expressed in the guest room.


10 rooms with different themes and characters.

Designed by Cassina ixc, each of the 10 rooms comes with different theme and character.
Featuring Italian mosaic tile, claw foot bathtub, Baccarat chandelier and others…
Materials and furniture items are changed for every room.

*Cassina ixc. is a world leading furniture and luxury interior design brand, centered on Italian Cassina’s wide selection of furniture and design items that suit different lifestyle.