When making a reservation, inquiry, membership application on the web site for TOKYO MEISTER HOLDINGS Company (this site), the personal information that you have provided is included in our database. The provided information will be used in order to provide improved products and services for your stay.

Personal details

When the site asks for the entry of personal details, it requires the entry of details that are necessary for that service.

Use of personal details

The data obtained above will be used for the purposes stated below.

In order to complete paperwork relating to reservations, sending of products and replying to queries.
Electronic newsletter
On all of the Company's online forms, there is an option to sign up to the Company's newsletter. The newsletter contains information about events, cooking programs and discounted rooms. Customers can edit their details and opt out of the newsletter at any time.
Other contact from the Company
The Company will use customers' personal details to contact customers via email, phone or post only when it is deemed necessary to do so.

Management of personal data

The database of customer information is managed by Company staff and website management staff. In the following cases, there is a possibility of customer details being sent to a third party.

  • Customer information may be disclosed if deemed necessary in order to provide a service to a customer.
  • Customer information may be shared with Companies under contract with Company if it is deemed necessary to do so in order to provide a service to a customer.
  • If a customer consents to the disclosure of their personal details.
  • Under order of the court of in compliance with police investigation.
  • In other important or emergency situations wherein Company deems it necessary to share customer data.

Statistical studies

Information about customers who use this website will be used to gather statistics for the Company's own marketing data and not for any other purpose. Personal details about individuals will not be used.

Access Log

Those who access the website will be recorded in an Access Log. The domain name, IP address, web browser in use, access date, time, and origin of access will be recorded. Nothing that reveals the accessor's personal details can be recorded. The access log's purpose is to keep the website secure and for the Company to gather statistical information and will not be used for any other purpose.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

In the event of major changes to the privacy policy, changes will be reported on this website. Minor changes will be constantly made to this webpage so it is best to check the page often. the Company holds no responsibility for trouble that occurs as a result of lack of knowledge of changes to the Privacy Policy.